Groundbreaking App Creates QR-Code Mobile Rewards Programs & Gift Card Systems for Small Businesses

Let Your Subscribers Run a Loyalty Program Agency
with Smart Proprietary Technology

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Fact: Repeat Business is Essential for Helping
Offline & Online Businesses Survive Today

Did you know the majority of a small business's revenue doesn’t come from new leads but from repeat customers?

According to BIA Kelsey 61% of SMBs report more than half of their revenue is from a handful of repeat customers.

The very best way to ensure repeat customers is through loyalty programs like rewards programs and gift cards.

The problem is, reward program software, especially those that work with brick-and-mortar types businesses...

  • Cost a fortune
  • Aren’t Practical for Non-Global Stores
  • Aren’t Virus Safe
  • Don’t come with gift card creation technology

Advanced loyalty programs are still reserved for major corporations like Starbucks. But not anymore because we’ve spent months developing....


A groundbreaking cloud app that creates and sells rewards programs and gift card systems to small businesses online or offline.

This ‘smart’ app comes with agency rights allowing your subscribers to provide a much-needed service to small businesses and run a loyalty agency business hands-free with proprietary technology.

With Rewardsly You Can...

#1. Sell Loyalty Programs with Custom Rewards to Offline or Online Businesses

Step 1

Create Rewards Offers for Your Client’s Store

Create loyalty program rewards customers can get by shopping at the small business on a regular basis. For instance, buy 12 donuts and get the next 1/2 dozen donuts for free.

Assign loyalty points a customer will get buying a product at the store and how many points each reward is worth. You can even customize the reward image with DFY beautiful templates to showcase in the client's mobile rewards membership and more.

Step 2

Give Them the A.I. Powered QR Code

Then, generate a smart QR code for each store you're working with. The QR code can be embedded in websites or printed out to put in the physical store location.

Step 3

The Technology Tracks Their Points and Rewards For Them

When customers hold their phone up to the QR code, the QR code will capture their email, create their loyalty membership, and assign/track their rewards points.

Step 4

They Can See How Close They Are to Getting Their Reward

Clients can then view the rewards points they have accumulated by shopping at the client's store and see how close they are to achieving a reward in their cloud-based mobile membership. This encourages them to shop there more to get their rewards.

Customer Buys a Sub from Inside a Store or Online

They Get Points and See How Many Points They Need for a Reward Like a Free Sub

Rewardsly Lets Them Know When They’ve Earned a Reward

#2. Sell Gift-Card Creation Systems to Offline or Online Businesses

Step 1

Create Gift Card Variations in the App

Create multiple tiers of gift cards for any store. Just like Apple has $25, $50, and $100 gift cards for sale, you can create multiple gift cards for different amounts inside of Rewardsly.

Step 2.

Customize it With Different Templates

Rewardsly comes with beautiful DFY templates that are fully customizable in popular niches so your gift card looks professional and fully branded.

Step 3

Clients Can Showcase Them on Their Website

Once the gift cards are created, you can showcase them to buy using a simple link provided in the software. Customers can buy gift cards for themselves anywhere including their phone for themselves or to send to friends as presents.

Step 4

Clients Sell Them Through Stripe, Razorpay, or PayPal

Your small business client can integrate their PayPal, Stripe, or RazorPay ID to sell the gift cards right on their website or in their store. They collect the money and can issue refunds adding another revenue stream to their business.

Customize Gift Cards
in Rewardsly

Embed Gift Card Options on the Client’s Site

Customers Can Buy the Gift Cards Through the Client’s Website

Check Out the Rewardsly Demo Here:

Some Unique Features Never Seen Before
in ANY App Include…


And Even More Features Like…

Fully Cloud-Based App

24-7 Support

Deep Analytics - See How Well Your Loyalty Programs Are Doing

Customize Duration of Rewards

Fully Beta-Tested

In-App Training

Frequent Updates Included

Intuitive UI

1st 100% Pandemic Safe Solution for SMB

Congruent Funnel with Up To $516 Per Sale:

FERewardsly Enterprise

Create and sell rewards programs and gift card systems to small businesses online or offline. Includes both Commerical Rights, Agency Rights, and all of the features shown above.


OTO1Rewardsly Platinum

This upgraded, more advanced edition of Rewardsly includes...

  • Create unlimited rewards per store
  • Create and sell unlimited gift cards for clients
  • Create unlimited QR codes
  • More store reward DFY templates in the best niches
  • More gift card templates in the best niches
  • Team member access & Outsourcer License
  • Popup Giftcard technology - display a gift card as an exit popup
  • Schedule store rewards - make rewards available for a limited time
  • Schedule gift cards rewards - make gift cards available during a specific date
  • Professional VIP bonuses

DS1Rewardsly Platinum-Lite

A lighter version of Rewardsly Professional for a lower cost, but with fewer features.


OTO2Rewardsly DFY

Our team will help guarantee you have success with your loyalty agency with DFY materials and one-one-one help. You’ll get…

  • DFY Agency website with ecommerce checkout ability, ability to showcase features, ability to show testimonials, and customization help.
  • DFY Hosting Plan - we’ll customize and host your loyalty agency website for you
  • VIP masterclass on how to run an agency longterm (created by us)
  • DFY video Facebook ads to target clients that need reward programs
  • Ads Manager set up help - we’ll help get your ads and website up to start getting clients
  • 100 DFY stores with DFY rewards already set up to quickly plug-n-play with real stores
  • One-on-One 'hand-holding' help - we’ll explain how to get the clients, set up the ads, or whatever else you need help understanding or setting up
  • Access to Rewardsly Template Club for one-time price - get 10 extra DFY templates and 2 templates every month (won’t have to pay monthly)

DS2Rewardsly DFY-Lite

A lighter version of Rewardsly DFY for a lower cost, but with fewer features.


OTO3Rewardsly Agency Whitelabel

This most advanced edition of Rewardsly includes…

  • Add unlimited agency clients at once
  • Unlimited team member access
  • The ability to fully whitelabel the app with custom domain, logo, and colors
  • DFY resellers rights - resell Rewardsly with our DFY funnel
  • Loyalty Agency Suite - get a set of DFY ads, print-on-demand materials, swipes, contract, legal agreement, and more to start getting agency clients.
  • Agency VIP bonuses

OTO4Rewardsly SkilzApp Special

Get clients and leads from the Alexa App with this evolutionary software. Your rapid shortcut to creating and publishing traffic-getting, sales-creating Alexa Flash Briefings without any coding, ever.


OTO5Rewardsly PlayPix Special

PlayPix is a groundbreaking drag-n-drop cloud video creation tool that lets anyone create studio-quality videos for any need in a matter of minutes with brand-new technology and no learning curve needed. Sell your loyalty agency services through these amazing videos.


Big $6000 Opening Contest and $15,000+Prize Money

Some Prizes Include...

Opening Contest: March 18-19

Mid Contest: March 20-21

Closing Contest: March 22-23

All contests based on gross revenue. Plus, additional contests to be announced including everyone wins, and more.

Minimums apply - must make the same in commissions as prize money. If not, you will be paid commissions earned.

Why Promote Rewardsly?

  • First mobile loyalty program and gift card angle every launched
  • Works for ‘offline’ businesses (still RED hot) + pandemic no-contact friendly
  • Earn up to a staggering $517 per sale!
  • Giant $6000 opening day contest
  • We will reciprocate hard
  • Multiple sales pages and sales videos ready for optimum conversions
  • 8 Figure copywriter onboard
  • Our VSL, copy and the entire funnel converts with double-digit EPCs.
  • Launching March 18th - typically a high traffic month
  • Around-the-clock support available

Do We Reciprocate?

Both of us work closely with our top JV partners and will be pushing extra hard in 2021 for them. You can be assured that we’ve got your back and can do over 200+ sales for our partners on fitting products.

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