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Breakthrough Technology Creates 'Starbucks-like' Smartphone Loyalty Rewards Programs & Gift Card Systems

Sell Massively Upgraded QR-Code Loyalty Programs to Offline or Fully-Online Businesses for Monthly Fees (Agency Rights Included):

One Time Investment

No Monthly Fees Agency Rights Included Today Only

I showed this to a local client of mine and they started freaking out.

Hey guys, I showed this to a local client of mine and they started freaking out. They were harassing me all day to test this thing out and use it for themselves. Rewardsly is a major game changer for agency businesses and our monthly revenue is already going to up several thousand dollars. I am really exited to see what I can do with this

Alen F makes loyalty programs and gift cards EXCITING once again

I think I love most about Rewardsly 2.0 is that it makes loyalty programs and gift cards EXCITING once again. That was suppose to be the point of loyalty programs in the first place. Our team has been looking for a no-contact loyalty creator to replace our dinosaur hole-punch system and this is IT. Absolutely fantastic!


Repeat Business is Now Essential to Helping
Offline or Online Businesses Survive Today

Did you know that most of a small business's revenue doesn't come from new leads, but from repeat customers now?

A study by BIAKelsey, 61% of mom-and-pop businesses report that the majority of their revenue is now from a handful of repeat customers.

Small businesses everywhere are struggling and need immediate marketing help to survive.

So, the fastest in way in 2023 to help them is by focusing on making money from their current customers via loyalty programs and gift cards.

Check Out This…


84% of consumers say they’re more likely to stick with a brand that offers a loyalty program



62% of consumers spend more money with brand after signing up for a loyalty program



It’s up to 25x times as hard to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one

Harvard Business Review


65% of gift card holders spend an extra 38% beyond the value of the card with a brand

National Retail Federation

Most Small Businesses Can’t Afford Digital Loyalty Card Systems and the Ones They’ve Tried in the Past FAILED THEM


  • Require Expensive Scanner Technology
  • Aren’t Practical for Non-Global Stores
  • Aren’t No-Contact and Require Plastic Cards
  • Don’t Come with Gift Card Creation Technology...

and more

Old-school ‘hole punch’ small business loyalty programs get lost, damaged, and aren’t geared toward our new no-contact, digital shopping environment.

Advanced no-contact digital loyalty programs require scanners and expensive hardware and are still reserved for major corporations like Starbucks.

But, thanks to years of development, now you can…

TRANSFORM You or Your Client’s Business with a QR Code Touchless Loyalty Programs & Gift Card Systems

Hey, it's Ben & Karthik!

After talking with customers and marketing agencies, we’ve developed the most complete cloud software that creates fantastic rewards programs and gift card systems for small businesses online or offline in existence today.

Finally, any business offline or online can run profit-boosting loyalty programs hands-free, just like major corporations like Starbucks, Dunkin-Donuts, and Target do.

Plus, if your agency business is tired of trying to sell video, SEO, PPC, and other ‘oversaturated’ marketing services…

you can offer clients something they ALREADY UNDERSTAND and DESPERATELY NEED to stay open during hard economic times with the agency technology integration.


A heavily upgraded cloud app that creates and sells the most complete reward points programs and gift card systems for small businesses online or offline.

Now you can drastically increase revenue and even run a loyalty program agency hands-free while groundbreaking smart software does the work for you.

I’ll be highly recommend this app…

I am very impressed with the effort that went into this software compared to others I have bought in the past. It’s very easy to make the digital loyalty programs and help small businesses sell gift cards on their site. After using it for a few weeks, I can say that I’ll be highly recommend this app to my subscribers

Jess Hooper

Folks, this is the real deal

This is unbelievable! When you first told me about Rewardsly I thought there’s no way it could live up to the hype and actually create full mobile loyalty card programs. But after testing it I am very impressed. It feels like I am using an app coded by Apple or something it’s that good. Folks, this is the real deal

Marie E

Rewardsly is Upgraded with Amazing New Features Like…

And TONS more upgrades…

With Rewardsly You Can...

Sell Loyalty Programs with Custom Rewards to Offline or Online Businesses

Step 1

Create Rewards and Loyalty Points

Create loyalty program rewards customers can get by shopping at the small business on a regular basis and assign how many loyalty points are required to redeem each reward.

Customize the reward image with beautiful templates which will be seen the customer’s loyalty membership.

Then, assign loyalty points for each purchase and to redeem for a reward. For example, a customer can earn 2 loyalty points for buying a coffee, which can go toward a specific reward such as a box of free donuts worth 30 loyalty points.

Rewardsly 2.0 Now Works for Offline Stores or Online eCommerce Stores

Step 2

Auto-Generate ‘Smart QR Code’ or Connect to a POS System

Then, generate a ‘smart’ QR code for each store you're working with. The QR code can be embedded in websites or printed out to put in the physical store location.

When scanned, it creates the client’s rewards membership and then adds loyalty points.

You can also connect loyalty programs to POS systems or create customized eCommerce shopping websites filled with you or your client's products. These 1-click sites can be hosted on Rewardly’s servers and automatically set up memberships and track loyalty points when products are bought.

Step 3

Rewardsly Tracks Their Points and Rewards For Them

When customers hold their phone up to the QR code, the QR code will capture their email, create their loyalty membership, and assign/track their rewards points.

Or after checkout via POS system, Shopify store, or customized Rewardsly ecommmerce site, their loyalty points will be automatically added and tracked.

Step 4

Rewardsly Incentivizes Customers to Get Their Reward

Clients can then view the rewards points they have accumulated by shopping at the client's store and see how close they are to achieving a reward in their cloud-based mobile membership. This encourages them to shop there more to get their rewards.

Plus, Rewardsly will automatically incentivize customers to keep shopping when they are most likely to buy.

Customer Buys a Sub

They See How Many
Points They Need for a
Free One

Rewardsly Lets Them
Know When They’ve
Earned a Reward

Plus, Sell Gift-Card Creation Systems to Offline or Online Businesses

Step 1

Create Gift Card Variations in the App

Create multiple tiers of gift cards for any store. Just like Apple has $25, $50, and $100 gift cards for sale, you can create multiple gift cards for different amounts inside Rewardsly.

Step 2

Customize it With Different Templates

Rewardsly comes with beautiful DFY templates that are fully customizable in popular niches so your gift card looks professional and fully branded.

Step 3

Give Clients a Widget that Showcases Them

Once the gift cards are created, you can showcase them to using a simple link provided in the software. Customers can purchase gift cards for themselves anywhere including their phone or send to friends as presents.

Step 4

Clients Sell Them to Customers as eGift Cards

Your small business client can integrate their PayPal, Stripe, or RazorPay ID to sell the gift cards right on their website or through a POS system they integrate with.

They collect the money and can issue refunds adding another revenue stream to their business.

Watch How Rewardsly 2.0 is Revolutionizing Businesses Here

Some Unique Loyalty Program Features Never Seen
Before in ANY App Include…

Auto-Build No-Contact Loyalty Programs with Cloud Memberships

Create loyalty programs like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts have to generate tons of repeat business that work offline or online.

Customers can view the points they've accumulated, the rewards they are eligible to get, and redeem rewards all through their phone.

QR Code Scanning Technology

Auto-generate QR codes you can put in physical store locations or embed online.

When a customer scans their phone over the QR code, it will capture their email, set up their membership, and track their loyalty points earned.

POS, Shopify Integration, or Payment Processor Integration

Integrate Rewardsly loyalty campaigns with major POS systems like Square or Shopify checkout and auto-delivery loyalty points after checkout.

Or connect and integrate loyalty programs with the client's online payment processor like Stripe, Razorpay, PayPal, and more to accept payment and auto-deliver points and rewards.

Cloud eCommerce Rewards Sites

Build cloud, modern eCommerce sites filled with you or your clients' products hosted on Rewardsly’s servers if needed.

These sites will incentivize visitors to join the business’s loyalty program and automatically assign points after checkout.

Create Multiple Rewards Per Store

Create rewards and custom loyalty points for specific products in your store.

For example, get 20 points and redeem for a free coffee, or get 30 points and redeem for a free lunch at our store.

Beautiful Rewards Templates

Showcase your rewards the customer can see online or in their mobile rewards membership with these.

Rewardsly comes with gorgeous DFY rewards templates that are fully customizable, including colors, images, logos, and more.

Advanced Loyalty Program Customization

Set specific loyalty points to redeem each reward, which items are worth more loyalty points than others, cookie technology that limits the number of points that can be accumulated in a specific time frame, and much more.

Email Marketing and Built-in Sending

Capture emails and customer information when new users join your loyalty progam and add them to the autoresponder of your choice.

Rewardsly integrates with the top autoresponders and allows for built-in email market with short-code technology for customized welcome messages too.

Viral Referral Loyalty Points Tech

A revolutionary feature in the loyalty program space. Allow businesses to automatically give loyalty points that go toward rewards for customers that share a viral referral link.

This simultaneously generates new leads automatically, while incentivizing old customers to return and shop.

‘Safe-Mode’ Revolutionary System

Many businesses don’t integrate loyalty programs due to fear that customers will abuse them.

But now, you can allow small businesses to manually approve each sale and reward to triple-check that no customers are abusing their rewards program by turning any Rewardsly campaign into ‘safe-mode’ if needed.

A.I. Rewards Followup

Turn on ‘smart’ technology that will automatically send emails and notifications to loyalty program users when they are most likely to buy to increase sales.

DFY Product Templates

Get tons of beautiful, customizable templates for products you sell on your eCommerce cloud sites.

These product templates will appear in the customer's membership, letting them know what they've purchased so they can get it again.

Import Members from Other Loyalty Programs

Let customers keep rewards points from old, junkie loyalty programs while transitioning to Rewardsly 2.0 ones.

And Amazing Gift Card Creation Features Making This the Ultimate Customer Retention App Including…

eGift Card System Generator

Create gift cards from tons of DFY templates with different price points local or online businesses can sell and use in their store - payment processor integration included.

Amazing Gift Card Templates

Choose from lots of DFY gorgeous templates to customize the look and feel of your gift card. These are point-n-click easy to edit and allow for different images, logos, text, fonts, and more.

Gift Card Tier Customization Ability

Create different levels or ‘tiers’ of gift cards available for sale like a $25 card, a $50 card, or even a $100 card just like the big brands do.

Sell Gift Cards with Client’s Payment Processor or POS Integration

Your small business client can integrate their PayPal, Stripe, or RazorPay ID to sell the gift cards right on their website or through a POS system they integrate with.

They collect the money and can issue refunds adding another revenue stream to their business.

Advanced Analytics for Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards

Plus, at any time, see how well each loyalty program is doing, manage and track each customer, and manually assign or delete loyalty points from the dashboard.

Edit Customer Information with Ease

Edit the details of every customer including assigned loyalty points, deleting loyalty points, or even banning them from your memberships.

And Even More Features Like…

Fully Cloud-Based

24-7 Support & Knowledge-Base

Gift Cards for Friends Option

Customize Duration of Rewards

Autoresponder & Webinar Integration

In-App Training

Frequent Updates Included

Amazing Results from SMBs and Agencies

Fully No-Contact Loyalty Programs

One Time Investment

No Monthly Fees Agency Rights Included Today Only

What Makes Rewardsly Better than Other
Reward and Gift Card Systems?

It’s finally affordable!

Other no-contact digital loyalty products require hardware scanners and are geared toward large businesses like Starbucks which mom-and-pop stores can’t afford. Rewardsly is affordable, simple, and even more powerful.

Loyalty and gift card creator in one!

In a few simple clicks, you can create beautiful, fully functioning loyalty and gift cards that are fully customizable for any business.

Full no-contact with the most features

All loyalty programs and gift cards are no contact and digital. Plus, Rewardsly comes with more customizable feature and templates than any other software to make rewards programs customers WANT to participate in.

Newbie Friendly - No Tech ‘Know How’ Needed

Rewardsly is point-and-click easy to set up with no tech ‘know-how’ needed. Set up fun loyalty programs in just seconds that skyrocket revenue.

Special Free Limited-Time Upgrade #1 Today Only:

Unlimited Price Commercial Licensing Included

Ok, I know you’re anxious to get Rewardsly with all of its incredible features, but we just want to up the ante.

That’s why we’re going to make sure that you get the unlimited pricing Commercial License with your investment in Rewardsly at no additional charge today.

This allows you to sell the rewards programs and gift card systems for any price you choose to multiple businesses.

This is huge, and just one client will pay for your investment in the software many times over.

Do you think if you actually worked the entire year you could land just one measly client? Of course.

Get This...

Did you know lots of people with little experience are making $400+ per hour to consult about integrating a loyalty program on sites like Upwork and Fiverr? You can deliver FAR more value by actually installing the top loyalty program software and get sales starting this weekend.

Special Free Limited-Time Upgrade #2 Today Only:

Agency Rights Technology Included

Plus, you’re getting the Agency License as a special bonus today only.

This means you can give access to the software for a monthly fee, and let the client do the gift card and rewards program creation FOR YOU.

Easily charge $1000+ per month for access.

Just 2-3 of these clients and you can have a thriving business you can run from the comfort of your home.

Rewardsly 2.0's upgraded agency accounts technology makes it easy to onboard and integrate small business clients into the app for them to manage all the campaigns while you charge for access.

Special Free Limited-Time Upgrade #3:

DFY Client-Getting

Plus, you’ll get special training on how to find and land businesses that desperately need this type of software integrated.

If you’re an agency business, you can get Rewardsly clients immediately.

Tons of Businesses are Having Success with Loyalty Programs:

Pinecrest Bakery , a local cafe in Miami, was strapped for resources and needed to increase revenue. They implemented a loyalty program and increased revenue by $67,160 with 1500 loyalty customers captured.
To get an edge in the incredibly competitive fashion industry, Evy’s Tree implemented a mobile loyalty program. To date they have seen an 83X return on investment, 58% Repeat Customer Rate, and 65% Redemption Rate. This all has saved money on ad costs as well contributing to the rise in ROI.
Chaayos is an offline cafe chain started by Nitin Saluja which focuses on chai teas. They implemented a loyalty program and are vey happy seeing 30% increase in order frequency and 22% uplift in repeat purchases. Big numbers for a business with tight margins.

And Rewardsly Users Like These Say Getting Results is Easy:

…finally had my first breakthrough

I was thinking about giving up trying to start a business online as it seems too competitive until I got beta access to Rewardsly. After a few weeks of playing around I demoed it for a client and finally had my first breakthrough. Just by seeing what this powerful technology can do clients will be all over it. There’s no hard selling needing with something this unique

Radovic J

...30% increase in revenue

After PPC lead costs went through the roof, I decided to focus on helping small businesses keep existing customers using loyalty programs & Rewardsly services. The results have been amazing with each business seeing a 30% increase in revenue with no extra lead spend. I already have two more clients ready to sign for yearly deals. Rewardsly is awesome and keeps getting better and better.


…they agreed let me integrate this software with their shop

Hello and thanks for giving me early access to Rewardsly. I’ve been struggling to get any traction in my agency business and was frustrated selling the same things as everyone else. I contacted a client that had previously turned me down and they agreed let me integrate this software with their shop. Client is very happy and making extra revenue. Finally I am having success.

Stefan S

Our pet ecom store is seeing a huge boost…

I was tired of paying high monthly fees for other loyalty program builders that required me to do almost all of the work. I switched to Rewardsly and haven’t looked back. Our pet ecom store is seeing a huge boost, I think over half our sales come from Rewardsly rewards and follow ups which is major.

Larry J.
One Time Investment

No Monthly Fees Agency Rights Included Today Only

Rewardsly 2.0 Loyalty Programs Work For All These Types
of Local Businesses:

Self-Employed/Small Firms

Architects, Accountants…


Training Areas, Crossfit, Swimming Pools


Bars, Fine-Dining, Burger Joints…


Medical Services, Doctors…


Body & Paint Shop, Car Repair

Pet Shops

Animal Food, Toys, Pet Shops

Coffee Shops

Pastry Places, Small Cafes

Local Bands

Artists, Singers, Local Bands

And many more…

Plus, Now Rewardsly 2.0 Works for Fully
Online Businesses and eCom Sites As Well

Add loyalty points and gift card redemption automatically at purchase for any online store.

Plus, as an agency, tap into the 7.1 million online stores that could use loyalty programs or gift card systems.

Get These Amazing “Launch-Day” Bonuses
if You Order Today...

Agency Rights to Google Place Reviews

Capture GoogleMyBusiness reviews for local clients and showcase them anywhere. Incredible for restaurants, retail locations, franchisees, land firms, lodgings, hotels and hospitality, and about any business with a site and reviews on Google.

Highly Paid Agency Consultant Class

Want to become a highly paid marketing consultant that helps small businesses? The truth is, you don’t need to be an expert to make serious bucks helping businesses in need!

You’ll learn the steps to take helping service small businesses and get paid in this VIP training.

Rare 7 Figure Video Blueprint Scripts

Get rare, secret video scripts used by 7 figure marketers to makes sales online. These blueprint scripts are outlined in detailed videos, and cover VSLs, video ads, and more.

Take your video marketing to a new dimension. Normally a $1000 valued product.

Agency Rights to Local Appointment Scheduler 2

Local Appointment Scheduler adds appointment booking capabilities to you or your client’s website. It’s easy to set up and—more importantly—easy for your agency customers or their customers to book appointments.

120 Local Business Flyer Kit

Small local businesses love attractive flyers they can package with their products/services and give to customers. Attach your Rewardsly QR Code to these to sell as a SERVICE to small businesses

Agency Portfolio Maker Access

The ultimate solution to showcase your agency or freelance services in a high-end, professional manner. Portfolio Maker Gallery designed to build simple portfolio galleries, but powerful enough to be used for landing clients far easier & faster

Grab This Unbelievable Deal While It Lasts...

The Price Will Increase Every Few Hours

To support the bandwidth for this cloud technology and provide you with world-class support, we have to raise the price every few hours.

Plus, Rewardsly 2.0 will soon be sold for a monthly subscription after the special launch period ends.

However, if you buy now, you’ll lock in access month to month for a one-time-only, super low fee today. Fair warning, this incredible price you see below will disappear soon.

You’re Protected by Our
30-Day Iron-Clad Guarantee

30 days are enough to make your success graph reach new heights with Rewardsly. Try this game-changing software without any risk as we guarantee you a full refund if you are left unsurprised by the results.

The automated technology will help you build a resounding loyalty program agency for yourself and your clients.

However, in the event that you prefer working to generate rewards programs the hard way or want to go back to selling the agency services everyone else does, we totally understand. Just contact our rapid response support team and we’ll quickly give your money back without any questions at all.

If You Don’t Get This, a
Competitor Certainly Will

Customers only want to do business with brands they know, like, and trust going forward, and it’s becoming extremely expensive to acquire a new customer.

  • Cold ads aren’t trackable and super expensive
  • Walk-in Traffic is Dwindling
  • Social media is toxic & distracting
  • SEO is only for corporate companies now

Small businesses that don’t start using premium loyalty program technology are going to fall far behind the competition.

And Rewardsly is the BEST loyalty program and egift card creation solution available without scanner technology or high fee.

This Could be the Easiest and Most Profitable Business
Able to Be Run from a Home as an Agency...

Forget trying to hard-sell all the other saturated agency services everyone else is offering

With your own loyalty and gift card agency, you can give small businesses the lifeline they need right now…

A real, proven way to bring customers back
All without any of the usual headaches or hassles
and, a way to boost sales as fast as possible

With just a handful of these clients, you could be offering a monthly service that runs itself.

Rewardsly allows you to quickly set up loyalty and gift card programs that are more affordable, easier to manage and completely contact-free…

making it the PERFECT option for small business owners today.

Grab your license now and start collecting cash from this in-demand, profitable and highly-valuable service that biz owners need more than ever.

  • You DON’T need any experience
  • You DON’T need your own website
  • You DON’T need to learn new skills
  • You DON’T need to hardsell
  • You DON’T need to spend money on development costs
  • You DON’T need to work eight hours a day
  • You DON’T need to pay a monthly fee
When business owners see what this software can do for them and how quick, easy, and affordable it is they’ll be kicking down your door to pay you!

Don’t Let This Amazing Offer Slip Away

Remember, this founder's deal will only last a little while longer.
Go ahead and pick the license that’s right for you now.

Rewardsly 2.0


Includes the Following:
  • Cloud-Based Mobile Rewards Membership Creation
  • Gift Card System Generator
  • QR Code Technology
  • DFY Gift Card Templates
  • DFY Rewards Templates
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • POS & Payment Processor Integration
  • In-App Tutorials & Knowledge-Base
  • Customer Tracking Dashboard
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Safe Mode Technology
  • Cloud eCommerce Rewards Stores
  • Viral Referral Tech.
  • Smart Reward Follow-up Tech.
  • Create 5 Campaigns at Once
  • Create 10 Gift Cards at Once
  • Create 3 Rewards Per Store
  • Create 5 Store Products
  • Personal Rights Only
MassFluence Starter

Your low investment is protected by a 30-day
money-back guarantee

Rewardsly 2.0


Includes the Following:
  • Cloud-Based Mobile Rewards Membership Creation
  • Gift Card System Generator
  • QR Code Technology
  • DFY Gift Card Templates
  • DFY Rewards Templates
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • POS & Payment Processor Integration
  • In-App Tutorials & Knowledge-Base
  • Customer Tracking Dashboard
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Safe Mode Technology
  • Cloud eCommerce Rewards Stores
  • Viral Referral Tech.
  • Smart Reward Follow-up Tech.
  • Create 50 Campaigns at Once
  • Create 100 Gift Cards at Once
  • Create 10 Rewards Per Store
  • Create 30 Store Products
  • Launch-Day Bonuses
  • Commercial Rights - Sell as a Service
  • Agency Rights - Sell Access to 15 Businesses
  • Use Coupon: CLOSING for $5.00 Today Only
Rewardsly 2.0 Enterprise

Your low investment is protected by a 30-day
money-back guarantee

Rewardsly is by far the best tool for agency marketers to come out in a long time

My beta access review: Rewardsly is by far the best tool for agency marketers to come out in a long time. The loyalty program technology and gift card creation tools are top notch and exactly what businesses need to survive this year and beyond. Great job on this one guys, I am impressed and don’t say that much

John Traino

PS: Rewardsly Will Be Here Now and in the Future

We’re all committed to continuously supporting, updating and improving Rewardsly 2.0 behind the scenes with no downtimes or disruptions, ever.

Rest assured that every feature included with Rewardsly will just keep getting better and better in the future just like the last two years. Our developers are committed to keeping up with future innovations and technical changes as needed to keep all apps performing optimally.

And don’t forget, you’ll get detailed training videos and 24-7 customer support if you ever have a question or issue.

To Your Success, Rewardsly Founders:

One Time Investment

No Monthly Fees Agency Rights Included Today Only

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have Rewardsly 1.0. What happens to previous buyers? Is there a discount for those upgrading?

Your Rewardsly 1.0 account will keep functioning but it won't include any of the essential upgrade features. If you want to upgrade, you can navigate to to get a special 10% discount off the price as a way of saying thank you for trusting us. Please note, this page only works for upgraders so if you purchase without having an account, your account won't be created and you'll have to buy again when the price is higher.

Is there a bundle deal or a deal better than this?

If you buy today from this page, you qualify for the BEST DEAL. After purchase you will be redirected to the ‘fast pass’ bundle deal which bundles all the upgrades together for a one-time price. (Rewardsly 2.0 pricing + the fast pass bundle deal gives you access for the lowest price Rewardsly.

What are the new features again? Why is Rewardsly 2.0 so essential?

Previous Rewardsly users said they needed the follow upgrades to really have success and get clients far easier. So Rewardsly 2.0 has been upgraded with many features including the following:

  • Ability to work for online stores without QR codes if needed
  • Major POS System Integration (clients didn't want to use a 2nd payment processor in addition to their main one)
  • Create/Host Cloud eCom Rewards Stores
  • Viral Rewards Sharing
  • Revolutionary ‘Safe Modes’ (clients didn't want to buy unless there was advanced fraud protection)
  • Shopify Integration
  • DFY Products Templates & More Rewards Templates
  • Manually Assign or Delete Rewards Points
  • Import Customers from Previous Rewards Programs Ability
  • & more

Do I have to pay a monthly fee to buy this app?

Rewardsly 2.0 is available to you for an incredibly low one-time price if you buy NOW. Once the special offer ends, the app will be offered at a monthly fee.

Does this work for Mac and PC and Mobile?

Yes. Rewardsly is 100% cloud-based so it works with an internet connection on any browser from the device of your choice.

Do I get support and tutorials on how to start?

Our video resources and tutorials make you an expert within minutes. Our team of wizards will always be at your service to guide you and answer any queries that you may have and you'll get a full knowledge-base..

Is there a Money Back Guarantee Policy?

Absolutely! Like we said, we are making your purchase extremely risk-free. You bet on us for your success and if you’re not absolutely pleased, simply ask for a full refund within 30 days. We will process it instantly!

Where do I get the clients to sell Rewardsly 2.0 services to?

We'll show you in detailed training how to get clients to pay you monthly fees for Rewardsly services. There are tons of businesses that really need this technology and will gladely pay you to try it out.

“I’ve never sold anything to a biz owner. Will this work for me?”

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new and never had any experience. When you offer business owners (online and offline) a solution to a real problem they’re having… and it’s more affordable than anything they’ve seen before… and it’s easier and more powerful than anything else on the market, you don’t have to “sell” anything at all. You just show them where to pay!

For that reason, I can’t imagine an easier home-based biz than this. You don’t need a website, amazing sales skills or any credentials. The proof is in the product and you’re selling it to them for pennies on the dollar!

One Time Investment

No Monthly Fees Agency Rights Included Today Only